The Advisory Board’s online meeting - Blue Growth Community was held on the 27th of July, 2020.

The objectives of this event were:

-       To set forth the transferring process of the Blue Growth Community’s Modular Projects outputs, that have already been completed or almost completed.


-       The intention behind the transferring of activities is to map the potential for transferability and capitalization on projects outputs from territories, while organizing the contents to be transferred.

For this purpose, the Blue Growth Horizontal Project asked the Modular Projects’ lead partners to complete a “factsheet” in which they described their main achievements. After some short online bilateral meetings with Modular Projects, the Blue Growth Horizontal Project was ready to present to its Advisory Board the ones that were ready to be transferred.

The meeting was also an opportunity to present the project’s “Experts library” ( The Experts library is a sharing point where one can find the profiles of expertise present in the Blue Growth Community.


The anticipated outputs were the following:

● Acquaintance with the main achievements of the Blue Growth Modular projects.

● Presentation of the key elements for the transferring process.

● Selection of the most promising outputs for transferring activities.

● Investigating the main interest of potential “takers.”

● Strategic Liaising with potential “takers.”

● Consolidation of the Blue Growth community through community-building activities, as the Experts Library, which will be presented.