Some of the areas which the innovation test is applied to, are activity monitoring, improvement of services to the user or promotion of clean energies.

The stakeholders of the Psamides project have been working during the last few months to define the contracting plans that will govern the different innovative technology tests to be installed properly in the ports involved in this project; Ports Illes Balears, Ports de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Port de Sète and Port d'Heraklion.

On one hand, this project bets for monitoring activities of the different users of the port in order to identify behavior patterns that help to optimize the use of the installations. Thus, there are plans to install occupation sensors in different moorings of ports to identify the presence of boats. It also works on artificial intelligence software with image analysis to monitor the occupation of different moorings in a port area and the transit of vessels through the port entrances. All these technologies, based on "big data", should allow ports to have a complete database on the behavior of the users of the ports that will help to define new port policies.

On the other hand, there is also a commitment with the environmental protection and the reduction of consumption of drinking water and electricity. In this sense, it is foreseen the experimental installation of solar panels that can be stepped on in port pavements in order to improve the self-consumption of energy through the use of renewable energies in the ports. There will also be installed floating devices for the collection of waste from the port water in order to improve the quality of the water in the facilities. Finally, it also will be working on the installation of light towers for the supply of water and electricity to the ships improving the quality of services and the reduction of consumption of natural resources.

Regarding the improvement of users’ services, it is foreseen that the installation of a data acquisition system will be using wireless sensors based on IoT technology (IoT solution). The system allows the collection and analysis of data to monitor aspects such as the occupation of moorings, the measurement of the data of resources consumption, calls to maintain the seafaring or the problems detection to improve the security. This system allows both infrastructure managers and owners to control their boat at all times remotely.

In the area of improving services to users, the Psamides project also provides the implementation of a platform of meteorological and oceanic information for both ships and port facility managers that will provide more than 70 indicators of interest with probabilities like waves, currents, winds, weather forecast, etc ... with a five-days forecast.

Thus, the Psamides project plans to implement different innovative technologies in the ports to improve different port management areas.

JULY 2020