Psamides Project starting in January 2020

The EPM will lead, together with its stakeholders, a European

project of almost 3 million euros of European Funds to

optimise the performance of small- and medium-sized ports

through the implementation of innovative tools

The project, funded by the European Interreg MED programme, will include ten partners: Ports Illes Balears, Ports de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Port de Sète, Port of Heraklion, Pôle Mer Med, Athena R&I Center, IMT Montenegro, the University of Rijeka, SAS Noveltis and the EPM 

The project will begin in January 2020 and will last for three years, until June 2022 

The Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean is a public body founded in 2004 with the support of the European Union. Its current partners are the Région Occitanie, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Govern de les Illes Balears, which has held the rotating presidency since February 


The European Commission will fund the European project PSAMIDES, led by the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean, within the framework of the territorial cooperative programme Interreg MED. The main objective of PSAMIDES, which has a budget of around three million euros (2,4M€ funded by ERDF/IPA), is the following: 

Optimise the performance of small- and medium-sized ports, as well as marinas, through the implementation of innovative tools that help manage tourism flows, control costs more efficiently, provide more services to users and particularly boost the eco-innovation of these ports while reducing the negative environmental externalities resulting from tourism activity

To achieve this, PSAMIDES will focus on two broad areas: 

1) Create a blue growth community of small- and medium-sized ports. While adopting a transnational approach, PSAMIDES seeks to enable small- and medium-sized ports to create an integrated business ecosystem that provides support to innovation and helps them overcome the current limitation of funds and personnel so that they can identify, by themselves, the most effective solutions in each case. 

2) Improve blue growth governance. PSAMIDES endeavours to create an effective multilevel governance tool and methodology to enable the management experiences to be capitalised, which could be reproduced in hundreds of ports in the MED area.